Financial Impact of Vaping

Financial Impact of Vaping

The number of people who vape or inhale the vapor from vaping devices has increased substantially from roughly 7 million (2011) to 41 million (2018). It represents a roughly seven-fold rise. Bargain E-Juice recommends that the use of vape devices is also associated with certain illnesses. Some experts believe that it is highly addictive because it contains nicotine like a typical cigarette.

Aside from health concerns, vape also have a financial impact. The following are some of the potential financial consequences of vaping.

  1. Life insurance

People who smoke pay greater life insurance premiums than people who don’t smoke, and the same is true for people who use vape devices. It is because several insurances demand a health check, and if nicotine is detected in your test results, you will be labeled as a smoker. For example, a certain insurance company has declared that vapers will be categorized as smokers for life insurance purposes. It is critical to evaluate your life insurance policy to ensure that you understand how you’ve been classed. If you are a smoker, several life insurance providers will give you the Preferred Smokers rate, which is much more than four times greater than the top non-smoking rate category.

  1. Health-care coverage

The judgment is still out on whether or not health insurance can and should begin charging people who are using vape a fee. If the FDA begins to regulate vaping devices, they will be treated similarly to cigars, allowing insurance providers to do so as well. People who use vapes may face higher costs if insurance companies define vape devices like cigarettes.

  1. Medical treatment

If you use a vape device, you might have to spend so much money on medical treatment. A new study indicated that persons who use vape are more prone to have heart disease, stroke, and anxiety than persons who do not vape or use any cigarettes. Another mouse research from 2019 reveals that vape juices containing nicotine may increase your cancer risk.

  1. Real estate value

According to a survey conducted by The Domo Group of RE/MAX, 4 out of 10 people stated indoor smoking or vape would badly impair their purchasing process. Another 35% were undecided about how they would react in the circumstance. When you use vape, it can leave residue on furniture and carpets, as well as a persistent odor, leaving your property less attractive to future buyers.

  1. Advantages of Corporate Wellness

If you don’t smoke, many employer health providers offer additional benefits.  Some offer a percentage discount on your health insurance rates or a bonus payment. Whereas many corporations do not consider e-cigarettes to be tobacco use, this may change as more people become aware of the health risks associated with vape. You might lose health benefits and promotions as more firms put vape under the tobacco category.


While health is one of the primary concerns regarding vaping, e-cigarette or vape users must also address financial implications. For some people, the use of vape devices might result in increased

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