Top 5 Festivals and Events to Look Out for When in Ontario

Ontario is one of the most diverse cities globally, with people from different countries trooping in and out to enjoy their festivals, the beautiful landscapes, and picturesque countryside.

With medical cannabis and CBD-related products legal in Canada and a host of entertaining festivals, it is little wonder why it is a hot spot all summer for visitors from all backgrounds. Here are five festivals to look out for when in Ontario:

Ottawa Tulip Festivals

Ottawa Tulip Festivals

Ottawa Tulip Festival is reputed to be the biggest tulip festival on Earth, with three million tulips being displayed all over the nation’s capital every May of each year. The tulips are specifically exhibited at the Dow’s Lake Pavilion, a beautiful sight, especially for tourists visiting the country for the first time. Alongside the display are parades, concerts, and even fireworks to dazzle spectators.

Canadian National Exhibition

What started as an exhibition to promote agricultural and technological development has become one of Ontario’s most important festivals. The Canadian National Exhibition usually begins in the middle of August and ends on labor day. The event brings millions of people from all over the world yearly to celebrate the 3-week festival. The event features parades, food shows, entertainment, contests, surfing, and volleyball competitions alongside its agricultural displays


This festival is mainly held on the three weekends of February during the winter season. The sights during the festival are breathtaking as you’d be able to have fun on the biggest ice skate rink in the world, visit the Snowflake Kingdom in Québec, view lighted ice sculptures at the Confederation Park, and so much more.

Coupled with the ever tasty beaver tail pastries sold during the Winterlude festival and the musical events that will be taking place, Ontario’s Winterlude festival is one to watch out for when visiting the country.

Toronto Cavalcade of Lights

Toronto Cavalcade of Lights

Toronto’s Cavalcade of light is also one of the biggest and most anticipated Christmas festivals in Ontario. It features an illuminated 50 feet tall Christmas tree at Nathan Phillips Square. Ice skating, parades, and illumination performances.

Almost four hundred thousand LED lights are used to light up all parts of the city as you enjoy live musical concerts, food, and a breathtaking display of fireworks all over the city. The festival usually starts at the end of November and usually lasts for a month to celebrate the Christmas season.

Niagara Grape and Wine Festival

The Niagara Grape and Wine Festival is for wine lovers from all over the world. It is usually held in September across the Niagara region, especially the St Catharines’ Montebello Park, where tourists and locals go on guided tours to taste some of the finest wines in the region’s wineries.

There are also side performances and entertainment like food shows, street parades, musical concerts, and even wine seminars for wine connoisseurs. With hundreds of events planned during the festivals, there is never a dull moment and is one festival to look out for visiting Ontario.

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