Cheryl Clock, The Standard

Cheryl Clock is a feature writer at The Standard in St. Catharines, Ontario.


NIAGARA CLOSEUP: Mendelt: The music of his life

He was nine years old when he bought his first cassette tape. Cyndi Lauper's debut album, She's So Unusual. He paid for it with his own money, at Sam the Record Man in the Pen Centre.

HOW WE MET: Readers share stories of love

She has 397 letters. Exactly. Not too long ago, she pulled them out of the cedar chest where they had been stored with her wedding dress and his sailor’s collars for years and years, and counted them all.

No coins? Pay for parking with app

No change to feed the parking meter? Time close to expiring and you don't feel like running out to add more coins?

Survey: Why can't you get dental care?

Advocates for better dental care in Niagara want to hear from adults and seniors who face barriers to getting care for their teeth.

Young and living with Alzheimer's disease

Earl Warren could fix anything. A machinist for more than 30 years at General Motors, he took pride in his do-it-yourself projects. If someone needed something fixed, Earl could do it. He built a wood deck around his backyard pool. He gutted part of his basement and renovated with new wiring, drywall and tile.

Run for his life: Darcy Patrick and depression

He ran to hate. The longer the run, the more time he had to dredge up a toxic sludge of negativity and stir it around inside his mind. Thoughts about people in his life, and events that had happened so long ago, the people involved would no longer have a memory of it.

Albert Tonn, now 90, served in the French Foreign Legion.

NIAGARA CLOSEUP: Resilience after the war

On the sidewalk in front of his house, a man stands frozen in a salute. He is in uniform, a beige long- sleeved button down shirt with pleated pants that seem as if they'd slide off his 90-year-old frame if not for a belt that might just be as old as him.