About Ontario

Ontario at a Glance

The lively multiculturalism and diverse landscapes of Ontario make it a wonderful place to stay and explore. So, why not learn more about Ontario’s people, places, and past? In Ontario, festivities such as the Caribbean Carnival and the Canadian Aboriginal Festival are held to celebrate traditions from all over the planet.

Here in Ontario, the vast, rugged, and mineral-rich Canadian Shield separates the fertile farmland in the south from the grassy lowlands in the north, creating a diverse landscape.

Whether by highway, ferry, or rail, exploring Ontario is incredibly convenient. From country fairs, museums, flower gardens to zoos,  you can find them all around the province.

From a wilderness adventure in the north to a shop until you drop city tour, travelers can experience the many activities Ontario has to offer. The province’s economy thrives thanks to a specific mix of natural resources, manufacturing skills, exports, and a determination to innovate.

Cultivating crops, extracting minerals, producing vehicles, and developing applications and cutting-edge technology are only a few of Ontario’s industries.

Ontario’s History

For over 12,000 years, people have lived in what eventually became Ontario. Aboriginals who spoke Algonquian and Iroquoian had lived on the land before the European settlers arrived. The word “Ontario” itself came from an Iroquoian word meaning “beautiful lake.”

Later on, French and British immigrants came to Canada in the 1600s and started to farm the land. Many British-aligned American colonists (widely recognized as United Empire Loyalists) also came to Ontario after the American Revolution.

After this, many immigrant communities, including German people, Scottish, and Mennonites, flocked to Upper Canada during the nineteenth century. Then, in 1834, Toronto became the first official city in Ontario.

The Cultural Life of Ontario

You can find the most diverse range of theatre stages and performing arts institutions in Ontario. Plenty of other excellent theatres can be found throughout the province too. Other amusing attractions for tourists are the Stratford and the Shaw festivals.

Ontario is one of Canada’s most productive provinces in terms of film and television making, book and magazine publication, and musical performance. Additionally, Ontario is a well-known international center for the immersive digital media and entertainment industry.