Netflix-for-Sleep Created to Help You Get a Good Rest

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy immune system is getting a good night’s sleep.

Insufficient sleep can be caused by various factors, ranging from a distracted mind to chronic stress. Restflix, the streaming platform created for a good rest, will help you overcome everything that’s keeping you from getting a decent night’s sleep.

Over 20 channels of this inventive Netflix-like relaxation service are programmed to ease, rest, and relieve you into a good night’s sleep. Despite the critics, Restflix has earned a five-star rating from internet critics on both mobile application stores.

The use of binaural beats is essential to Restflix’s success. These beats tap into the brain’s sound sensitivity system and help develop a meditative, restful state conducive to a whole night’s rest.

You can choose from bedtime stories, relaxing sounds, mediations, calming images, or music to help you relax. There are also programs designed specifically for kids to ensure that your children develop healthy behaviors at a young age.

If the five-star ratings on two separate sites weren’t enough to persuade you, the app now provides a 50% discount on a two-year subscription.

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